to those few who might chance upon this...

20 + 1
I am turning 21 this year. It seems unbelievable. I am excited about it though. 6 more months!

up to you.
Grandpa passed away last mth. still dealing with the loss ):

Haven drive D-car for very very long! (d-car = doraemon car heeheee)

House under renovation, damn messy. very dusty, very messy, very dirty. need to be good girl and come home early everyday to help w the 2 kids at home..& to clean up the mess after the renovation workers. but they will come back the next day and the house will be messy yet again :(

Christmas is coming, unbelievable. where did time go?!

See where we'll be if we press fast forward.
I borrowed books couple of days back.

1) The Ultimate Potato Cookbook.
- which i was very excited about! but turns out, I only flipped through the book, and haven even try out any of the recipe.

2) How to knit w circular and double-pointed needles
- i failed. I need a human to teach me, kthanks.

Need to run more, land trng seems to be killing me. Need to improve on windsurfing, water trng seems to be a disappointment w every passing trng.

Need to get out of it, in case of disappointment.

but oh, today was a goooooooooo day! fourth time! yay. & now, let me re-read my previous sentence.

Pink Ribbon, Nike Huamn Race.. time to train. i love running.

i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.i love running.

Feeble Attempt
land trng on wed.
run 2.12min
din complete the under 2min timing ):
went for steamboat w the surfers
barely ate = waste money ):
shy is the word for now.
windsurf ytd was tiring.
aching like mad today.
manicure/pedicure all gone.
woke up at 1215pm when Dev called
had a bad dream that all my Doraemons in the car were stolen
& that my side mirror is screwed up
clean the hse, change bedsheets..
increase aching index by 1000times.
waiting for a reply that never came.

tell me this isnt real. i want more


It was Princess June 21st 18th Disney-themed-party on Friday. June was really literally Snow White. Please see above pictures for proof. & Obviously, Minnie is the hot favourite. You can see so many Minnies at June's party! & of cos, caught up w the 407 gang :)

&& it was dearest Biwei's 20th! we had a picnic & the surprise was us appearing at the void deck w a half-destroyed cake and a damn pretty balloon! Both the cake & balloon had very sad fate. The cake was left in the car boot while we drove to Biwei's, and of course, the cake did not make it out alive ): & the balloon flew away while we were chatting. It was so dark, we din even see it flying away ):

But oh well, it was a lovely picnic! Nice weather, good company. Happy 20th Biwei! :D


Still waiting for results. Long wait.


Missed a couple of chances. And hence I realised, it's back. It did not go away, I was merely hiding it.

Jai Ho
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe,
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I still believe,
(Jai Ho) You are my destiny (my destiny),
Jai Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh!

This song is stuck to my head for a few days alrdy, it's really addictive.

Picnic w Bw & Ly next week. So egggg-cited! (:

Currently giving tuition to a p3 kid, who has autism. A very different tutoring experience & I hope I can really help him achieve what he & his parents want.

4/7 BBQ on 10th :D

reebok Pink Ribbon Walk w bw & ly on oct, yaynesssss :D